Yaheetech Makeup Train Case – Professional Rolling Cosmetic Case

16 September 2023 By lincolnha.com

Yaheetech Makeup Train Case – Professional Rolling Cosmetic Case

Yaheetech Makeup Train Case – Professional Rolling Cosmetic Case


Introducing the Yaheetech Makeup Train Case, a high-quality and versatile rolling cosmetic case designed to meet the needs of professional makeup artists, hairstylists, tattooists, and beauticians. This large storage makeup organizer is perfect for those who require a convenient and organized way to carry their cosmetics and beauty tools.

Perfect Organizer

The Yaheetech Makeup Train Case features slide-out side drawers that are specifically designed to hold small items such as polish, lipsticks, essential oils, and hairpins. Additionally, the case includes a large upper compartment that can accommodate flat/curling irons, sprays, palettes, and other items of relatively big size. The bottom drawer is perfect for storing hair brushes and short bottles. With this makeup case, you can easily keep all your beauty essentials in one place.

Sturdy Travel Makeup Case

Constructed with top-grade ABS material, the Yaheetech Makeup Train Case is highly durable and lightweight. The ABS material provides excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring that your cosmetics are well-protected during travel. The case also features an aluminum pull rod that guarantees smooth operation and rust resistance. Its waterproof surface adds an extra layer of protection, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Safe & Secure

Your cosmetics and beauty tools are safe and secure in the Yaheetech Makeup Train Case. The case is equipped with two lockable clamps on the top, allowing you to secure your items and prevent any accidental spills or damage. Two keys are included for added convenience. Furthermore, every corner of the case is well-protected with metal and plastic, ensuring durability and sturdiness. The aluminum reinforced rounded edges provide additional protection, serving the same function as corners.

Convenient Moving

Mobility is made easy with the Yaheetech Makeup Train Case. The case sits on four high-quality wheels, measuring 2 inches in diameter, which allow for quiet and effortless rolling. The wheels are detachable and can be easily removed or replaced if needed. The case also features a smooth sliding pull handle with an innovative hexagon tube design, ensuring excellent steadiness during transportation. Additionally, a handle is located on the very top of the case for convenient carrying.

Widely Used

The Yaheetech Makeup Train Case is a must-have for professional makeup artists, manicurists, hairstylists, tattooists, and beauticians. Its large storage capacity and convenient organization make it an essential tool for those in the beauty industry. Furthermore, this makeup case can also be a warm and thoughtful gift for your family and friends who are passionate about cosmetics and beauty.

Height: 21.85 inches

Width: 9.53 inches

Closure: Latch