Vault Ikon MK2 49 Key Velocity Sensitive Midi Keyboard

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Vault Ikon MK2 49 Key Velocity Sensitive Midi Keyboard

Vault Ikon MK2 49 Key Velocity Sensitive Midi Keyboard


The Vault Ikon MK2 49 Key Velocity Sensitive Midi Keyboard is a powerful and versatile tool for musicians and music producers. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, it allows you to take your music production to the next level.

Main Features

  • 49 Full-Sized Velocity Sensitive Keys with Synth Action
  • Designed to easily integrate with PC / MAC / IOS Devices
  • User-friendly interface with main control buttons on the top panel
  • Octave Buttons, Assignable Volume Slider, Function Button, Pitch Bend Wheel, and Assignable Modulation Wheel
  • Navigation & Transport buttons for easy control of your DAW
  • Assignable controls for better control of effects
  • Advanced Function Key for easy access to additional features
  • Sustain pedal input for connecting an external sustain pedal
  • Comes with Bitwig 8-Track Software
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty

Enhance Your Music Production

The Vault Ikon MK2 is designed to enhance your music production experience. With its 49 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys, you can play and record melodies with ease. The synth action provides a responsive and expressive playing experience.

Integrating the keyboard with your PC, Mac, or iOS devices is seamless, allowing you to easily control your favorite music production software. Whether you are creating, learning, or performing on-the-go, the Ikon MK2 is the perfect companion.

User-Friendly Interface

The Ikon MK2 features a user-friendly interface with main control buttons conveniently located on the top panel of the keyboard. The octave buttons allow you to shift the keyboard’s range, while the assignable volume slider gives you precise control over the sound level.

With the function button, you can access various functions and settings, making it easy to customize your playing experience. The pitch bend wheel and assignable modulation wheel add expressive capabilities to your performances.

Seamless DAW Integration

The Vault Ikon MK2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW). The navigation and transport buttons allow you to control your DAW directly from the keyboard, eliminating the need for a separate controller.

Additionally, the keyboard features assignable controls such as the mod wheel and volume slider, giving you better control over effects like modulation, reverb, vibrato, and pan. This allows you to add depth and expression to your music effortlessly.

Additional Features

The Ikon MK2 provides easy access to additional features through the advanced function key. This allows you to customize and personalize your playing experience according to your preferences.

Furthermore, the sustain pedal input gives you more control over your playing by allowing you to connect an external sustain pedal. This enables you to sustain notes and create beautiful legato passages.

Bitwig 8-Track Software

The Vault Ikon MK2 comes bundled with Bitwig 8-Track software. Bitwig 8-Track is a powerful music production software that offers a wide range of features and tools for creating, recording, and mixing music.

With Bitwig 8-Track, you can unleash your creativity and explore new musical possibilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, this software provides a solid foundation for your music production journey.


The Vault Ikon MK2 49 Key Velocity Sensitive Midi Keyboard is a must-have tool for musicians and music producers. Its innovative features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with your favorite DAW make it a powerful and versatile instrument.

With its full-sized velocity-sensitive keys, synth action, and assignable controls, you can express yourself and create music with precision and depth. The included Bitwig 8-Track software further enhances your music production capabilities.

Experience the next level of music production with the Vault Ikon MK2. Unlock your creativity and take your music to new heights.