Toughbuilt – 3″ Seamer – (TB-H4-61-S3)

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Toughbuilt – 3″ Seamer – (TB-H4-61-S3)

Toughbuilt – 3″ Seamer – (TB-H4-61-S3)


The Toughbuilt 3″ Seamer (TB-H4-61-S3) is a revolutionary tool designed to make bending ductwork faster and more accurate. With its 1/4″ depth markings, this seamer allows users to create precise bends with ease. Made for durability and longer life, it is built to withstand heavy use in various construction projects.

Main Features

  • 1/4″ Depth Markings: The seamer is equipped with clear depth markings, enabling users to achieve accurate bends in ductwork.
  • Faster Bends: With the Toughbuilt 3″ Seamer, bending ductwork becomes a quicker task, saving time and effort.
  • More Accurate Bends: The precise depth markings ensure that bends are made with utmost accuracy, resulting in high-quality ductwork.
  • Durable Construction: This seamer is made to last, with its sturdy build and high-quality materials.
  • Jaw Folds 22-Gauge Steel and 24-Gauge Stainless Steel: The seamer’s jaw is designed to fold various gauges of steel, making it versatile for different projects.
  • Patent Pending Ergonomic Grip Design: The seamer features an ergonomic grip design that provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue during use.

Manufacturer and Materials

The Toughbuilt 3″ Seamer is manufactured by ToughBuilt, a renowned company in the construction industry. The item trademark is TOUGHBUILT, ensuring its authenticity and quality. The seamer is made with a combination of materials, including 60% Cr-Mo for snips, 3Cr14 for shears, 25% carbon steel, and 9.5% PP TPR.

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