Thrustmaster T128-PT128: The Ultimate Racing Wheel

8 September 2023 By

Thrustmaster T128-PT128: The Ultimate Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T128-PT128: The Ultimate Racing Wheel

Experience the thrill of racing like never before with the Thrustmaster T128-PT128 racing wheel. Designed for gamers who crave immersive sensations and want to enhance their driving skills, this racing wheel is a game-changer in the world of racing simulation.

Key Features


The T128-PT128 features the innovative HYBRID DRIVE system, which combines a belt and gears mechanism to provide immersive and versatile Force Feedback. This system delivers 20% more power compared to previous Thrustmaster T150 hybrid racing wheels, ensuring a truly realistic racing experience.

Lightweight Wheel Rim

The lightweight wheel rim of the T128-PT128 allows you to feel every sensation transmitted by the Force Feedback system. This not only enhances the authenticity of your racing experience but also helps optimize your racing lines for improved performance on the track.

4-Color LED Strip

Keep an eye on your engine speed with the 4-color LED strip on the T128-PT128. This strip displays the engine speed level and indicates when it’s time to shift gears, allowing you to stay in control and make split-second decisions during intense races.

Adjustable Clamp-Based Attachment System

Setting up the T128-PT128 is quick and easy, thanks to its clamp-based attachment system. This system allows you to adjust the racing wheel to fit desks and tables of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and stable setup for hours of racing enjoyment.

T2PM Pedal Set

The T128-PT128 comes with the T2PM pedal set, which features patented frictionless magnetic technology. This technology ensures enhanced precision that won’t decrease over time, allowing you to maintain optimal control over your vehicle throughout your racing sessions.

Versatility and Velocity

The T128-PT128 is designed to cater to all types of racing simulations. Its modern wheel rim design features 13 buttons, making it perfect for various racing genres. Whether you’re into Formula 1, GT racing, rally, trucks, or even farming simulations, this racing wheel has got you covered.

With its dynamic force feedback, the T128-PT128 delivers fun and intuitive racing sensations. Feel the texture of the road or track, experience the loss of tire grip, sense the bumps and impacts, and perceive the weight of your vehicle. This level of realism adds a whole new dimension to your gaming experience.

The T128-PT128 offers a rotation range of 270掳 to 900掳, automatically adjusting according to the vehicle being used in the game. This adaptability ensures that you have the most realistic and immersive racing experience possible, regardless of the virtual car you’re driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the T128-PT128 compatible with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4?

Yes, the T128-PT128 is an officially-licensed racing wheel for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Enjoy seamless compatibility with your favorite racing games on these consoles.

Can I use the T128-PT128 with my PC?

Absolutely! The T128-PT128 is also compatible with PC, allowing you to enjoy the same immersive racing experience on your computer.

Does the T128-PT128 come with a pedal set?

Yes, the T128-PT128 includes the T2PM pedal set. This 2-pedal set features frictionless H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensors, ensuring enhanced precision that remains consistent over time.


The Thrustmaster T128-PT128 racing wheel is the ultimate choice for gamers seeking an authentic and immersive racing experience. With its HYBRID DRIVE system, lightweight wheel rim, dynamic force feedback, and versatile compatibility, this racing wheel is a game-changer in the world of racing simulation. Take your driving skills to the next level and feel the thrill of the race with the T128-PT128.