TP-Link Tapo D230S1 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell

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TP-Link Tapo D230S1 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell

TP-Link Tapo D230S1 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell


Welcome to the world of smart home security with the TP-Link Tapo D230S1 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell. This innovative device combines cutting-edge technology with convenience to provide you with a seamless and secure experience. With features like 2K 5MP Live View, Color Night Vision, and Flexible Placement, this doorbell ensures you never miss a visitor. Say goodbye to traditional doorbells and embrace the future of home security.

Main Features

2K 5MP Live View

Always stay informed about what’s happening in front of your door with the Tapo app. The Tapo D230S1’s starlight sensor and 2K 5MP resolution allow you to check all the fine details, even in low-light environments. Experience crystal-clear video quality and never miss a moment.

Color Night Vision

With the embedded spotlight and starlight sensor, the Tapo D230S1 provides high-fidelity details and color even at night. No more grainy black and white footage. Enjoy vivid and clear visuals, ensuring you can identify visitors even in the darkest of nights.

Head-to-Toe View

The Tapo D230S1’s ultra-wide FOV (160° Diagonal) ensures that you can see visitors from head-to-toe, even as close as 1m. Unlike other 16:9 doorbells, this device captures more vertical details, giving you a comprehensive view of everyone at your doorstep.

Flexible Placement, Flexible Views

Choose from a variety of wedge options to find the perfect placement for your doorbell. Whether you need to adjust the angle or height, the Tapo D230S1 offers flexibility to suit your specific needs. Capture the best views and ensure optimal coverage of your entrance.

Longer Battery Life

Say goodbye to frequent battery changes. The Tapo D230S1 comes with a rechargeable and removable battery that utilizes a low-power protocol, extending its usage. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your doorbell will always be ready to protect your home.

Smart AI Detection and Notification

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, the Tapo D230S1 can identify people and cars, ensuring you receive relevant notifications when needed. Stay informed about who is at your door and never miss an important delivery or visitor.

Multiple Ways to Answer

Communicate directly with your deliveries or visitors through the Tapo app. With two-way audio or a recorded quick response, you can easily interact with anyone at your doorstep. Enjoy the convenience of managing your home security from anywhere.

Flexible Storage Choice

Choose your preferred storage option for recorded videos. Save them on microSD cards (up to 512 GB) installed in the hub or utilize Tapo Care cloud storage services. Enjoy the flexibility to access your footage whenever and wherever you need it.

Anti-theft Alarm

Protect your doorbell from theft with the anti-theft alarm function. Be alerted immediately if someone tries to remove the device. Rest easy knowing that your home security is enhanced with this added layer of protection.

Water & Dust Resistant IP6

Don’t let rainy days or damp environments affect your doorbell’s performance. The Tapo D230S1 is designed to operate well in such conditions, thanks to its water and dust resistance rating of IP6. Enjoy reliable security regardless of the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install the Tapo D230S1 myself?

Yes, the Tapo D230S1 is designed for easy installation. Simply follow the provided instructions and use the included mounting accessories to set up your doorbell in no time.

2. How long does the battery last?

The Tapo D230S1’s rechargeable battery, combined with its low-power protocol, offers a longer battery life compared to traditional doorbells. The exact duration depends on usage, but you can expect it to last for several months before needing a recharge.

3. Can I access the recorded videos remotely?

Yes, you can access the recorded videos remotely through the Tapo app. Whether you choose to store them on a microSD card or in the Tapo Care cloud storage, you can view the footage anytime and anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

4. Is the Tapo D230S1 compatible with voice assistants?

Yes, the Tapo D230S1 is compatible with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. You can control your doorbell using voice commands, making it even more convenient to manage your home security.

5. Can the Tapo D230S1 withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, the Tapo D230S1 is designed to operate well in various weather conditions. Its water and dust resistance rating of IP6 ensures that it can withstand rain and damp environments without compromising its performance.

Upgrade your home security with the TP-Link Tapo D230S1 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell. Experience the convenience of advanced features like 2K 5MP Live View, Color Night Vision, and Flexible Placement. With easy installation and compatibility with voice assistants, this doorbell is the perfect addition to your smart home. Don’t miss out on the future of home security – get your Tapo D230S1 today!