Schwinn Scorch Boy’s Bike with Training Wheels

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Schwinn Scorch Boy’s Bike with Training Wheels

Schwinn Scorch Boy’s Bike with Training Wheels

About the Schwinn Scorch Boy’s Bike

A great choice for teaching your youngster how to ride a bike, the 16″ Scorch sidewalk bike from Schwinn features a grown-up look that’s great for showing off around the neighborhood. It’s outfitted with an enclosed chain guard to help prevent snags and dirty pant cuffs. The rear coaster-style brake makes stopping a breeze for new cyclists, and the Scorch also includes a front caliper brake which allows the child to learn how to use a handbrake safely. We’ve included training wheels for stability while your little one learns the invaluable skill of bike riding, and a tool-free adjustable seat post that lets your child grow with the bike.

The Scorch features all new Schwinn Smart Start geometry, which means that the bike has been carefully designed to match a kid’s body type to create a more comfortable, ideal riding position. This includes a lighter bike frame for added control, smaller grip handles to match smaller hands, a more narrow pedal position to match narrow kid hips and much more! Other kids bikes are just shrunken down version of adult bikes, so typically the grips are too large, the pedals are too wide and the seats are too large.

Combine the great riding experience with the Schwinn limited lifetime warranty (for as long as you own the bike), and the Scorch is a parent and child favorite. You probably learned how to ride on a Schwinn all those years ago. Now it’s time your child does too.

Product Details

  • Designed for children 3 to 5 years old, or 38 to 48 inches tall
  • Perfect for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk around the neighborhood
  • Schwinn’s SmartStart Technology designed specifically for kids
  • Lighter frame, cranks, and pedals positioned forward for easier starting
  • Narrower pedal positions and smaller grips and seat for a comfortable fit
  • Rear coaster brake and front caliper brake for easy stopping
  • Adjustable saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle for easy adjustments
  • Comes ready to be assembled with training wheels and a racing-style number plate

Available Colors

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Get your child started on their biking journey with the Schwinn Scorch Boy’s Bike with Training Wheels. Order now and enjoy the Schwinn limited lifetime warranty.