RAL E4 Color Chart – 70 Metallic Colors

4 October 2023 By lincolnha.com

RAL E4 Color Chart – 70 Metallic Colors

RAL E4 Color Chart – 70 Metallic Colors


A useful tool for designers wanting to incorporate metallic colors into their work, the RAL E4 EFFECT features all 70 colors from the RAL E4 EFFECT collection. This color chart is great for all kinds of creators and designers, including those working in architecture, manufacturing, and interior design.

Main Features

  • Develop contemporary color combinations using metallic color swatches
  • Easily select and specify colors using the simple 3-digit color code system
  • Communicate colors consistently across your team from planning to application
  • Each color name translated into English and German
  • Full-page color illustrations with each RAL color swatch measuring 12.8 x 5cm
  • Gloss finish for a high-quality look
  • Comes in a protective box covered with high-quality, embossed glossy film


For Designers

The RAL E4 Color Chart provides designers with a wide range of metallic colors to choose from, allowing them to create unique and contemporary color combinations. The simple 3-digit color code system makes it easy to select and specify colors, ensuring consistency throughout the design process.

For Architects

Architects can use the RAL E4 Color Chart to explore different metallic shades and incorporate them into their architectural designs. The full-page color illustrations and large swatch size make it easy to visualize how the colors will look in real-life applications.

For Manufacturers

Manufacturers can benefit from the RAL E4 Color Chart by using it as a reference for selecting metallic colors for their products. The chart allows them to communicate color choices accurately to their team and suppliers, ensuring consistency in the manufacturing process.

For Interior Designers

Interior designers can use the RAL E4 Color Chart to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their designs. The metallic colors offer a unique and luxurious look, perfect for creating stunning interior spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many colors are included in the RAL E4 Color Chart?

The RAL E4 Color Chart includes 70 metallic colors.

2. What is the size of each color swatch?

Each color swatch measures 12.8cm x 5cm, providing a large and clear view of the colors.

3. Can I use the RAL E4 Color Chart for color matching on the go?

Yes, the RAL E4 Color Chart comes in a protective box, making it easy to take to the office, studio, or on-site for comparing and color matching on the go.

4. Are the color names translated into different languages?

Yes, each color name in the RAL E4 Color Chart is translated into English and German.

Discover the RAL E4 Color Chart and unleash your creativity with 70 stunning metallic colors. Perfect for designers, architects, manufacturers, and interior designers. Order yours today!