Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker | Large Embroidered Motorcycle Back Patch Iron On – by Nixon Thread Co. (12″)

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Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker | Large Embroidered Motorcycle Back Patch Iron On – by Nixon Thread Co. (12″)

Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker


Welcome to Nixon Thread Co., where we bring you the finest quality motorcycle patches. Our Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker is a large embroidered back patch that can be easily ironed on to your motorcycle jacket or vest. With its striking design and durable construction, this patch is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts and veterans alike.

Main Features

  • Large size: The Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker measures 12″ in length, making it a prominent addition to your motorcycle attire.
  • High-quality embroidery: Our patch is meticulously embroidered with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a stunning and long-lasting design.
  • Iron-on backing: Applying the patch is a breeze with its convenient iron-on backing. Simply place it on your desired location, apply heat, and let it adhere securely.
  • Durable and fade-resistant: Made from top-quality materials, our patch is built to withstand the rigors of the road. It is also fade-resistant, ensuring that the vibrant colors stay intact for years to come.
  • Perfect for veterans: Show your pride and honor your service with the Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker. It is a great way to display your military background while enjoying your passion for motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this patch be sewn on instead of ironed on?

Yes, the Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker can be sewn on if you prefer a more permanent attachment. Simply stitch around the edges to secure it in place.

2. Is the patch suitable for all types of motorcycle jackets and vests?

Absolutely! The patch is designed to be versatile and can be applied to various fabrics commonly used in motorcycle jackets and vests.

3. How do I ensure proper placement of the patch?

Before ironing on the patch, we recommend using pins or temporary fabric adhesive to position it in your desired location. This way, you can make adjustments before applying heat.

4. Can I wash my jacket or vest with the patch on?

Yes, our patch is designed to withstand regular washing. However, we recommend turning your garment inside out and using a gentle cycle to prolong the patch’s lifespan.

Thank you for choosing Nixon Thread Co. and our Combat Veteran Bottom Rocker. With its exceptional quality and striking design, this patch is sure to enhance your motorcycle gear. Order yours today and proudly display your veteran status while riding in style!